We've tried here to answer any questions you might have about how Brit Stops works. If your questions is not here, please email us at info@britstops.com. We'll get back to you quickly, and maybe add it to our list of FAQs.

Why do we have to introduce ourselves when we arrive?

A simple hello when you arrive and goodbye when you leave is central to the original principles of the scheme as it began over 20 years ago in France. Brit Stops is all about bringing adventurous and inquisitive motorhome tourists together with local producers who are passionate about their produce. The personal interaction often means you learn more about the produce and its provenance, and leave with a lasting memory of the visit (not to mention often a larder or fridge full of fresh produce!).

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Why would hosts allow us to stay on their property for free? What's the catch?

One reason is that they do not have to provide any facilities over and above a parking space! However Brit Stops hosts are also passionate about the local produce they offer to the public, and the more visitors they have the better the chance they have of spreading the word about fresh, sustainable produce. Although they will not oblige you to buy from their shops, they are confident that when you see the quality of their wares and experience the personal service offered by the producer/retailer, you will find it difficult not to purchase! Even if you do not buy anything your positive experience will be spread, and this will bring more customers. The only thing you may be charged for (and you may not, but don't forget to ask) is electricity if it is provided.

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Can we fill up with water and empty our waste tanks at the host sites?

At many sites, maybe not. Currently around half of our hosts will have these one or other of these facilities available, and this is noted in the Brit Stops guide. Very few have facilities for toilet waste disposal. Remember, your hosts are not camp sites but in many cases are working farms, pubs or vineyards, and although they are keen to encourage tourists to visit their local area, they do need to continue working as normal. The fact that motorhomes can fill up or empty waste at camp sites means they can be invited on site by hosts without disturbing their daily work routine.

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Why can't I book a place in advance at the sites?

Again, the hosts are not camp sites, and cannot field phone calls throughout the day from motorhome owners. Although they are keen to invite guests to learn about their business and their produce, they also need to be able to work unhindered as usual through the day. Those hosts who do require a phone call in advance are clearly marked in the guide.

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How will I know if there is a place available for my motorhome at a particular host?

A few hosts do like you to phone in advance, and this is noted in their entry in the guide. In most cases though, you will not know if there is a space until you turn up, but it is unlikely that a host will not have a space. On the odd occasion though, a host may not be able to welcome motorhomes at short notice due to personal or work reasons, and we ask our members to respect this.

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Won't we be pressured to buy from our hosts?

No. Part of the aims of Brit Stops (see our "Aims" page), which everyone signs up to, is simply to spread understanding of local and sustainable produce, and to put motorhome tourists in touch with local producers. If you want to buy anything, great - but hosts will understand that not everyone will want to. Even the customers who turn up every day may not buy something. In our experience though, with some extra cash available due to not having to pay camp site fees, we are always tempted by the fresh farm produce, the menu or the odd bottle or two of wine...

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As the sites are not camp sites, how do we know the sites will be suitable for motorhomes?

All Brit Stops hosts have had the scheme explained to them and understand that they need a decent sized, flat(ish) parking space suitable for use by a motorhome. This may be on hard standing, grass or gravel but should not be on a steep slope or too soft. The entrance may be along a single track dirt road, and you may find you are on slightly uneven ground or a bit of a slope, or you may have agricultural machinery and buildings around you, but remember you are often staying on working premises. Any particular issues such as narrow entrances, single track lanes, unmade roads or steep inclines will be noted clearly in the guide.

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I have a large motorhome, will I be able to join Brit Stops?

Yes, although it's true that some sites will not be able to welcome large motorhomes. This will normally be due to problems with manoeuvring large vehicles on site. If motorhomes over 30ft long (9m) are welcome, you will see a clear symbol in the guide. If you are under 30ft long you will be able to access all our host sites. Currently around half of our sites will accept motorhomes over 30ft long.

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Why would I want to stay at a site with no facilities?

It's true you may not have a swimming pool, bar, tennis court and evening cabaret, but what you do have is access to a wonderful array of fresh produce, local beers, home-made pies and pastries, fantastic pub food and often stunning scenery, coupled with the opportunity to meet the people who grow or make the food you are eating and drinking and learn a little about their lives. Of course camp sites can be great, and even using Brit Stops you will have to find places to empty waste water and charge up the leisure batteries from time to time. 

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Why do we have to renew our membership each year?

Well, it is a membership scheme! Plus, each March the guide is completely updated. On one hand, there will be hosts who for a variety of reasons (retirement, sale of premises, moving away, closing down, etc.) cannot continue to offer a stopover for Brit Stops members, and we remove these from the new book to prevent wasted journeys. On the other, we usually add between 100-200 new sites each year, so there is a considerable turnover of sites in the book. 

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I always travel with my dog(s). Will they be accepted at the Brit Stops?

Currently over 90% of our sites will accept dogs. In some cases they may not be allowed in the shop or bar, however.

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Do the hosts have toilet facilities if I don’t have a toilet on board my campervan?

It’s best to assume there will be no overnight toilet facilities. Pubs and those host sites with cafes, tea shops and restaurants will probably have toilets available during opening hours, but not when they are closed. Remember these are not camp sites, which is why the scheme works well for motorhomes, which are fully self-sufficient for at least one night. We usually advise owners of very small panel vans conversions or VW campervans that a Porta Potti would be a useful on-board addition!

Can I join if I have a caravan, car or tent?
Unfortunately Brit Stops is just for self-contained motorhomes, panel van conversions or campervans. Parking is in customer carparks, not on pitches, so manouvring can be an issue with other customers coming and going. Also, most hosts will not have fresh water available to fill an Aquaroll, or anywhere to dispose of waste water from the waste caddy.
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